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AFI & SAG Indie

The fall has been off to a great start! First off, I moved to LA! Yes, we packed up, took the long drive across the country, seeing all sorts of amazing things like Graceland and the Grand Canyon, and finally landed in LA. It has been quite the experience moving across country with a family in tow but we are all excited for the new adventure.

I’ve been staying busy since we got here! I sang with Peter Matthew Bauer at the Kaaboo Festival in San Diego and in Echo Park in LA. I’ve been representing Leaves of the Tree at festivals in and around LA, which is always fun. I also got to go see the LA premier of Funny Bunny at the AFI Film Festival that was held at the TLC Chinese Theater. It was so wonderful to see it on the big screen and then celebrate after at the SAG Indie party. Funny Bunny is a beautiful film and you should check it out when you get the chance. I also started taking meetings about the screenplay I finished with my husband. I really hope we can start production on it next year!

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