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Marisa Brown is an actress, director, producer, teaching artist, traveler, lover of adventure and rock & roll. Originally from Louisville, Kentucky, she has spent her life exploring expression and art, whether it be on the stage, big screen, little screen or classroom. She began her acting career at Stage One Children’s Theatre and studying at the Young Actor’s Institute in Louisville. She went on to study at the University of Kentucky and then graduated from The New School in NYC with a BA in Drama and Creative Arts Therapy. She has worked on numerous TV shows, indie films, plays, commercials, and in voiceovers. She recently made the step into directing, releasing her debut, CITY / VALLEY on Apple Music. CITY/ VALLEY is a video playlist/documentary of the 2019 Brekfest music festival with performances and videos from Liily, Plague Vendor, Starcrawler, Death Valley Girls, and more. 


When she isn’t working, her passion is kids, her own and helping others, and fighting for women's rights. She loves to use the arts and meditation to help kids, especially girls, develop an inner peace and confidence.  She hopes to keep living in the magical world of art, love and creativity!


Follow Marisa's adventure/photography blog at:

Marisa Brown





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